Waiting for lift-off

December 17, 2013:

Still in Punta Arenas – initial weather reports look good! The runway in Punta Arenas is being repaired which means it is shorter than usual, so the hulking Ilyushin-76TDs are not able to take off with full tanks. This means we will divert to Ushuaiaia, refuel (no photos allowed!) before continuing to Union Glacier camp.

The past two days have been about hanging around, walking, chatting to other expeditioneers, packing, re-packing, tv and emailing. And today might finally be about moving.

Between 3pm and 4pm today we need to be waiting by the phone, dressed in our polar gear, packed and checked out, ready to board in the next 30 minutes. Life is suddenly speeding up again.

If today is the day we hop over to the icy continent, I won’t be able to update this site but will send out updates on twitter and Facebook, and update our position on the GPS tracking map. Merry Christmas in advance to family and friends. Wish us luck!!