At the top of Mt Giluwe, Australasia’s highest volcano!

March 3, 2014:

Greetings from Papua New Guinea! Just a short update for now – on March 1 we reached the summit of Mt Giluwe, which is located in the rugged Highlands of this beautiful country.

The trip was quick but tough: 10 hours to hike to base camp, followed by summit day in the chilly driving rain and fog (including some climbing on slippery rock) followed by the descent and another 7-8 hours of hiking back to the village. Not to mention jetlag and marching through the jungle in darkness!

My boots still haven’t dried out, though at least they’re no longer containing actual pools of water. Many thanks to the ace team from Paiya Tours and Mt Giluwe Eco Tourism for a brilliant time and keeping me safe. More details and photos to follow.