12-Aug-2017Mactrekpapua@gmail.comDear Sophie,
Would you mind help me to give your travel partners or Giluwe mountain
guides contact number in PNG please.

I have clients arrive October, but I do not have any contacts in PNG.
Please help.
Best Regards, Mac
M- +62 81247628708
23-Jun-2014Mark Loyndmarkloynd@giordano.comHi Sophie, first and foremost, a very big congratulations on your successful feat – I read about your story in the South China Morning Post, and was very inspired by your determination and the cause that you are supporting. Please allow me to briefly introduce myself – my name is Mark Loynd, I work for Giordano in Hong Kong. Not sure if you remember us, but we are a home-grown apparel company from Hong Kong. Although I am actually the company lawyer, I am also in-charge of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Drive, as well as charity, sports and other initiatives. I know you have just finished an adventure of mammoth proportions, but as and when you have recouped, and of course, pending you are interested, I would very much like to talk to you about whether there is any chance of us working together on some projects, which would of course entail raising further awareness and support for Cancer Research UK and also the Children’s Cancer Foundation here in Hong Kong, with which I have worked with on previous occasions. In the meantime, please take care and I look forward to hearing from you.
27-Jan-2014LiannaHi Sophie. Well done and keep up the great work! See you soon.
25-Dec-2013Sarah NightingaleHi Sophie! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from the other side of the world! I hope you are having a wonderful adventure (and staying warm!)! 🙂 Sarah
21-Dec-2013Jane and you all the very best for such an incredible project. We’ll be watching too!
10-Dec-2013DouglasWishing you the very best for an incredibly exciting project – I will be following you closely!! xx